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Saturday, September 23 2017 @ 02:23 AM CDT

Summing It Up

Your live wildlife video can be done for almost no investment other than time if you have interesting critters close to your video equipped, internet connected PC. Even if your camera becomes the next “hot site of the day” for live video, it won’t cost you any more than if you were just watching it yourself on your own monitor.

On the other hand, if your critter is at some distance from power and/or the internet, it can cost you quite a bit of capital and operating expenses before even one person can see the results of your efforts; but again, if the camera is popular there need not be any major additional expense, and maybe you might make some of your investment back from advertising revenue.

If you work at it, you can even get people to send you money to help defray your costs and encourage you to do more.
If your camera gives an insight into a critter that is unique and/or otherwise “interesting” from an entertainment, education or science perspective, there are organizations who are interested in hosting additional web activities such as Hancock Wildlife’s discussion forum and media gallery (for screen captures and video clips as well as scientific observations) and WildEarth.TV for “pay me” distribution with advertising.

The internet allows you to find like-minded people who also are interested in your critter, be it aphid or elephant, orchid or oak tree or almost anything in the wild (or captive back yard, attic, basement, balcony or wherever) 

Stream it and they will come.


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