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Sunday, September 24 2017 @ 10:44 AM CDT
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Site Considerations

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We’ll get into the technical considerations of a site in each of the sections on light, internet and power, but the major site considerations are to do with the critters and people.

Interacting with the subjects’ environment

The first thing is – don’t just assume the critters will come back after you’ve put your great ugly camera near their home. We’ve noted several eagle nests that people have had cameras installed in that the eagles have not come back to for example. In most cases this was because the installation was done at a time when the birds were in the area and they saw the activity. In others it was because the installation was very obvious/intrusive, not camouflaged in any way. The original Hornby nest camera is only about 14” from the nest edge but it is made to look as if it is part of the tree. The birds have pecked at their reflection in the front glass, but otherwise ignore it.

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